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Auto Insurance 101

What It Should Cover:

Auto insurance policies can vary greatly due to each policyholder’s individual needs and preferences. However, most auto insurance coverage plans include collisions not caused by recklessness, liability, and "permissive use". You can increase your coverage if you feel the need to add more protection.

What It Probably Won’t Cover:

Your auto insurance plan probably does’t cover your vehicle when it is being used for business like going on a sales call (unless you have commercial coverage) nor when you car is being used without your permission unless you can prove it was stolen.

Common Types of Auto Insurance Coverage:

•Liability Coverage
•Collision Coverage
•Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
•Comprehensive Coverage
•Medical Payments Coverage
•Uninsured/Underinsured Coverage

Insure All Cars With One Company:

If your household has two or more cars, it is usually in your best interest to have all the cars on a policy from the same insurance company. This way, you could qualify for multi-line discounts on your insurance premiums. Also, getting different types of insurance products (ie: home, boat, etc) from the same company could help reduce your overall premiums.

Avoid Paying In Installments:

Paying in installments could increase your payments, and if forget to pay an installment you could incur additional fees. If you can pay your total annual premium up-front, then you will end up saving a lot more money, and reduce the headache of remembering to pay. Auto-pay can remove the headache altogether, and you might even get a discount from your insurer for doing so.

Research All Available Driver Discounts:

There are many different types of discounts insurers use to entice consumers. Here is a list of some common discounts:
•Good Driver Discount
•Good Student Discount
•Bundling Discount
•Military Discount
•Low-Mileage Discount
•Multi-Car Discount
•Club Membership Discount